Great classes and amazing instructors who have a knack of putting you through your paces and giving you a damn good workout, whilst making you feel part of the Boxing Family! We pride ourselves on being a small neighbourhood studio, that looks cool but all egos are left at the door. Everybody is welcome here!

Every class is different, as we never want your body to get too used to the workout. Generally a class includes learning combinations and skills for the day, rounds on the bag, and conditioning exercises to target the entire body—legs, core, and heart included. Classes also include active rest periods, and you can take breaks as needed.

Personal training

1-2-1 sessions offered by booking (subject to availability) to hit your goals and help you achieve those targets by individual training with your coach and can act as an additional session to the the other classes to top-up your training.

Cost: £25 / hour

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Boxing is proven to be one of the most effective full-body workouts in the world. Here's why conditioning at Wincanton Boxing Gym work's.

Monthly Memberships £40 / month or £6 per session to be paid in advance.

All Class Bookings to be paid to : 

Alison Nye

Sort Code: 20-25-38

Acc No: 33836274 

to be paid in advance prior to attending class.

Weight Loss

If you want to kick-start a weight-loss or fitness regime, you’ve come to the right place.
Here at Team WB we are dedicated to delivering fun yet effective sessions that will help you change your lifestyle for good. Our trainers will work alongside you to ensure you’re pushing your limits without crossing physical boundaries.

Variety and fun are at the forefront of the weight-loss and fitness programme, so you won’t just be running and doing push-ups all day. Our exercise choices are designed to deliver great results and keep you motivated 24/7.

* Results vary from person to person.

Circut training

Something that is very beneficial about the sport of boxing is that it is excellent for your cardiovascular health. One of the things that make boxing so great for your heart is that the act of punching, any punch, forces very many of your muscles to contract at once. Due to so many muscles being utilized at once your heart has to work extra hard to pump blood and oxygen to them, thus giving your heart quite the workout.

There is also the fact that boxing requires you to always move around and stay light on your feet, thus also giving your heart and lungs a run for their money. Moreover, training for boxing also involves a lot of cardiovascular fitness, as boxers often do things like jump rope, circuit training, cycling, and running on treadmills to increase their stamina, all of which are of course fantastic cardiovascular workouts.

Total-Body Strength

Another big benefit that comes along with engaging in the sport of boxing is that it will definitely tone your body and help your muscles get big and strong. After all, boxing is about being not only quick but also strong, at least if you want to stand a chance of defeating your opponent. Not only does the physical movement of performing various punches strengthen your arms, shoulders, and core, but all of the other aspects that come along with boxing help to build your muscles too.

Hand-eye Coordination
Decreased Stress

Perhaps one of the best things about boxing is that it has the ability to relieve stress and tension in your body. Part of the reason for this is because hitting things and taking your anger out on an inanimate object like a punching bag, or even an opponent in the ring, simply feels good.

Violence is not always the first solution, but when it comes to relieving stress and getting rid of pent up rage, a few right hooks and left uppercuts will definitely make you feel better. Another part of the reason that boxing is good for relieving stress is because of the physical intensity it involves. Exercising at increased levels is shown to make people feel happier and relieve the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and depression.

Personal Training

There are several benefits of personal training. These include:

  • Teaching you the correct form: A personal trainer will guide you on how to perform exercises correctly and safely. If you're new to the gym, getting the technique right is vital.
  • Hold an objective eye: When working out alone, you can't always tell if you need to adjust your posture, position, or range of movement. Personal trainers monitor your form during your training and correct you if necessary.
  • Knowledge and experience: PTs must stay up to date with industry trends and training methods, which will save you time from doing all the research yourself.
  • Push your limits: Personal trainers are passionate and supportive, but they'll also challenge and motivate you to push yourself further.
  • Hold you accountable: Sometimes, the toughest battle is getting to the gym. A personal trainer will hold you accountable; it's not so easy to cancel the gym if you have a personal training session.
  • Design a training programme: Personal trainers will create a tailored training programme to suit your needs, abilities and goals. For example, if your goal is to lose weight, your programme will include specific weight-loss exercises.Your personal trainer will monitor and adapt your plan based on your progress.

Weight Loss






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